What Is Yoga

Yoga is a mind-body exercise wherein it can affect your body wellness. It is not like physical activity, wherein it is just about muscle toning and getting a good BMI, but this is involving your mental, emotional and even spiritual discipline that can help you to live happier. Others may not be into it, for they said, that it cannot trim down their waistlines, like cardio training. However, you can also burn some calories, maintain good postures, and have inner peace. As a result, it gives you a whole package for preserving wellness.

Yoga was being practiced many decades ago in India, and the benefits of the same have just been made clear to many people in the recent years. At Ladans Fitness and Healing Club, Yoga Los Angeles is one of the things that we focus on and help the many individuals who know so little about the practice. Our studios and experts in the area provide what is needed to have an active session.

Yoga Classes

Yoga is considered an alternative medicine to alleviate certain illnesses. Thus, proper execution of the steps provided by the yoga instructor is needed to see and feel the results, as it involves concentration and proper body alignment. A person enrolled in a yoga training program can also develop discipline within oneself. It is a type of workout that has stretching poses together with deep breathing exercises that promote relaxation. Thus, it can help a person to free his mind from his problems.

When people see others doing yoga, the first thing that comes to their mind is that it is just flexing and stretching poses combined with deep breathing exercises and meditation. However, there are many kinds of yoga exercises available, depending on what condition you are trying to promote and achieve. You can learn more about them at the Ladans Fitness and Healing Club with the help of experts. The ideal moves for you will depend on your strength, coordination, and discipline. Some may be challenging, while others are just neutral and gentle. If you are enrolled in an academy, the instructor will allow you to choose and suggest a perfect program for you.

The unification achieved by yoga, which is more or less what it is all about, can be looked at from different perspectives. The various systems in a human's life, which are core to our existence are the main center of concentration when it comes to the unification achieved by Yoga. These systems, also known as koshas are mental, bliss, energetic, and subtle sheaths. Also, of importance is the balance aimed at being achieved between the consciousness of the universe and that of an individual.

Tips For Yoga Training

You will agree that many people had the resolution to start yoga somewhere below the "Health maintenance" topic on the resolutions list. It is safe to say that the laziness to kick-start the practice is because of the many myths surrounding the practice, and getting started on the right foot can be what you need to be more serious with yoga Los Angeles. The good news is that you came to the right place. The following are our tips for yoga beginners.

Reduce Expectations From Yoga

The term yoga has always been associated with some difficult limb-twisting moves among other challenging poses. However, when translated, Yoga means ‘to unite.' This means that the unification should be effortless and comfortable. You need to get your mind, body, and breath aligned when in yoga. For these reasons, you need to stop thinking that you should already have been perfect flexible to begin yoga. Rather, start low and aim at progressing with time.

Find A Yoga Tutor

It is best to commence practicing yoga Los Angeles under the supervision of a teacher. Only then will you be able to understand the primary sequences, moves, and alignments. You will also need assistance with some techniques and philosophies used in yoga, and only with a teacher will you be made aware of the moves. The number of instances beginners have had injuries trying some moves is many, and with a teacher, you will avoid such injuries. Ladans Fitness and Healing Club is the place you can count on to find experienced yoga teachers and learn so much from them.

Wake Up Early For Yoga

The time you practice yoga is of great importance. It is recommended that it should be done very early in the morning when there is quiet, and the mind is clearest. Matter of fact, the hours of between 4 and 6 am are recorded as the best times of the day to achieve the optimum meditative state. That period of the day is conducive. Furthermore, you can avoid many distractions.

Practice Yoga On An Empty Stomach

Since you should be well in tune with your body when practicing yoga Los Angeles, you need the best achievable comfort. Having food in your stomach can lead to discomfort during digestion making you lack the concentration you need to have. This is another reason why you should consider doing yoga in the morning when your stomach is empty.

Have An Intention For Your Yoga Practice

If you need a motivating factor to get you going with your practice, you need to come up with a goal towards which you are working. Also, this intention to get involved in the physical exercise will help to prepare your mind and get you on the right track before you start practicing yoga. Remember to warm up immediately before to remove tension in the joints and get your body ready for the exercises.

Before Yoga, Talk To Your Doctor

You will want to speak to your doctor before starting yoga Los Angeles classes to get an assessment of your health and physical condition. The main reason many people end up injuring themselves is that they push themselves too hard, harder than they should. As such, talking to your doctor just to let them know that you are practicing will enable them to keep a watch on you and advise you accordingly.

Progress In Yoga Slowly And Steadily

You might have come across a video where a yoga practitioner is entirely flexible and performs some moves and poses you might want to try. You need to know that it is okay if you have no clue on how to get started with such advanced techniques. The problem is that the competitive nature of today's world can push people to try more than they can and that can be problematic. With time, such postures will be comfortable, and as such, you need to start slowly and progress steadily. Always try to go a little beyond your comfort zone to keep things interesting.

Relax At The Yoga Practice's End

Do not jump out of the mat immediately you finish your session. Take time to allow your body to adapt to the environment after yoga and rest for a while before getting started on the tasks of the day. You will also want to allow your mind, which was in a more relaxed state to have an easy time coming back to the real world.



1 on 1 (1 Session) $150
Semi Private (1 Session) $180
Groups (5 Days/W) $176

Yoga Training

As the world is now on its technological era, people are now facing too many stresses that cause severe and debilitating diseases, if health is just taken for granted. More so, from the time we wake up, we are bothered of the wrong possibilities that may come along the day until we rest at night. With this, health instructors often suggest yoga training to alleviate the anxiety that builds up in every person. Thus, this article will now present you informative facts that will be helpful for you to know more about the said topic.


Yoga Training Courses

Even though it just involves stretching poses, there are also conditions that are contraindicated for yoga training. Some steps might be harmful to others. As mentioned before, yoga can promote relaxation and also good for circulation. However, if you have serious illnesses, you must first contact your doctor to determine whether you are fit for the workouts. Some doctors would suggest doing it with limitations of some challenging poses but no worries the instructors at Ladans Fitness and Healing Club are certified to give training, as health prescriptions. Furthermore, pregnant women can also do it with carefulness. There is also a type of yoga exercise called Prenatal Yoga, which has instructors that are specialized in teaching the soon-to-be mothers. They must be careful of doing too much flexion for it can affect the baby due to the production of mother's hormones when doing the session.

Like most other exercises, you need to give yoga Los Angeles the time and consistency it deserves if you want to achieve the best it can offer. See to it that you have included the practice in your daily regimen at a time when you won't feel stretched or disturbed. Regularly practicing yoga will make you a pro at the postures such as head stands. There is also so much about yoga that you will learn including ancient philosophies, medication, and breathing techniques. All these give you a deeper insight into the life and beyond our human being to the spiritual realm. You only need to do it correctly. Get in touch with us to find out more about the practice.

Yoga For Beginners

Hatha Yoga is a form of yoga training that is suitable for beginners. Its primary focus is on physical movements rather than the breathing exercises and meditation. As the word Hatha means force, doing this type of yoga is goal driven as it uses its energy in doing the striking poses provided by the yoga instructor. The training involves proper posture and good breathing pattern as you lay the poses. However, it also includes a proper balanced and diet meal. As a result, you can also burn some calories which make you fit, if done properly.

Another type that is best for beginners like the Hatha yoga is called Iyengar Yoga. If Hatha yoga focuses on the physical rather than the deep breathing, then, this time it involves proper structural alignment, deep breathing, and concentration. It then promotes that body-mind relaxation which can increase our health wellness. This type also makes use of props to minimize risk for accidents and injury while doing the acts. Moreover, this has three elements that one must follow to ensure proper execution. These are the technique, timing, and sequence. The technique is your proper performance that ensures your body alignment. Next is the timing, on how much time will you spend in striking one pose while the sequence is the pre-planned poses that ensure doing the poses in successions.

Meditation Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is also a form of yoga exercise that is way different from the others. This time it focuses on self-medication which promotes inner peace. It does not involve difficult stretching poses, but silence and concentration are the way to do it. As you close your eyes and do the slow and profound breathing exercise, you can feel that it alleviates what you are feeling. On the other hand, power yoga is a challenging type that needs physical exertion, in changing poses. It makes you move your body as you strike a pose and change it to another. However, Kundalini yoga is another meditating yoga like the Kripalu, but this time it involves deeper meditation with chants. As what they have said, shouting or doing chants can relieve stresses that are caused by the atherosclerotic heart that can also alleviate heart attacks.

Super Active Yoga Training Class

The last example is the Ashtanga Yoga, wherein it involves nonstop poses with the preferred time. It is way challenging over the others because it also needs discipline aside from body coordination and balance. With this, if you are interested in doing yoga, then, you could come to Ladans Fitness and Healing Club where you will find the best yoga training suited for you. It's hard at first, but as time goes by, you can master it and apply it yourself. Thus, you must also be well disciplined yourself so that you can execute the poses properly. Get in touch with us for more information!