The Challange Of Losing Weight

We are all aware of the fact, that losing weight is way harder than gaining it. If we want to achieve long-term results, we need an overall change in our lifestyle, our daily diet and all in all in our view of life. This is of course challenging, but we are here to help you along the way, to inspire and motivate you to make that first step towards becoming fitter by taking weight loss Los Angeles into consideration.

As opposed to what many people simply believe, weight loss goes beyond effort and physical workouts. You must decide from within that you really want to lose some substantial weight. It is a personal decision you need to make. At Ladans Fitness and Healing Club, we encourage our clients to make that inner commitment and personal decision of doing away with excess weight. Once that is done, you are sure of walking the journey until you reach where you want to be. Reliable data has shown that anyone who is capable of burning 500 more calories than they eat can shed off 2 pounds every week. You can only achieve that if you have decided within you that you are going for it regardless of what comes your way.

Real Talk About Weight Loss

When we talk about weight loss, many people simply think of exercising three times in a day or some other weird routine. Well, routine exercise helps people lose weight, but healthy weight loss is more than just that. Having been in this industry long enough, our professionals understand that to lose weight the right way; you need to work everything out smartly. At we are ready with workable weight loss strategies. From assigning you dedicated personal trainer to offering dieting advise, you can be certain of achieving satisfactory results within a commendable time.

We understand that healthy weight loss is a perfect combination great exercises and a good diet. At Ladans Fitness and Healing Club, we can help you lose substantial weight in three weeks without having to miss two meals in a day. If there is one meal you wouldn’t want to miss when losing weight, it is breakfast. By skipping breakfast, you will miss essential nutrients. For many people trying to lose weight, such an action is accompanied by regular snacking during the day.


Weight Loss Means Healthy First

Shedding off excess pounds doesn’t mean the world has to come to an end. Ideally, life must proceed smoothly. In essence, a healthy weight loss routine doesn’t have to mean significant disruption of your daily routine. Whether the only time you have to exercise is early in the morning or lunch break, you can always achieve eat without unnecessary straining. When dealing with us, you will only need to explain your schedule to us. Our reliable team of professionals will get the rest of the things figured out. By assigning you a personal trainer who is flexible to your routine and comfortable with your schedule, will help you shed off excess weight without doing interfering with your daily activities. What makes our methods successful is the level of flexibility and comfort involved. One thing for sure is that you are bound to love it even as you achieve satisfactory outcomes.

Losing calories has wrongly been associated with healthy dieting. But it's the wrong way of thinking. You cannot just lose calories without ultimately losing energy and muscle. The right line of thought is to exchange the wrong sort of calories with the right calories and energy. These would make you look fitter than you were before.

Thanks to the bad ideas represented by all the models in the magazines, the self-perception, and self-confidence of many teenage girls get seriously harmed. Therefore, many of them go to great length to lose weight not caring about the consequences. Unfortunately, there are still several books and diet plans which try to explain effective weight loss Los Angeles, not caring about the participants' overall health and fitness. Losing excessive weight especially within a short time can damage your body and your health. That's exactly why we suggest you trust us and stick with our fitness and diet plan for you. We want you to look and feel your healthy best.

Losing Weight With Ladan's Fitness & Healing Club

Staying fit, having our daily dose of healthy movement even if it's one mile or a one-kilometer walk, in the beginning, is what counts the most and that should always be regarded as the first step in your fitness development. We are aware that there are people who won't get out of their cars the whole day long, and then they get surprised when they reach the point of not being able to run half a mile or km without feeling like dying. Thanks to our participation this is all about to change as you are to step on the path to becoming a fitter, healthier and last but not least a thinner person.

Remember it's never too late to change and become a healthier, happier person. We are available every day of the week and if you have any further questions on weight loss Los Angeles for staying fit, and maintaining a healthy nutrition, don't hesitate to call us or to simply pay a visit so that we can get started all the faster.



1 on 1 (1 Session) $150
Semi Private (1 Session) $180
Groups (5 Days/W) $176

Weight Loss - Did You Know?

For someone who is working on weight loss, there is probably nothing more important than getting faster and satisfactory results. Having excess fat in the wrong place has always been associated with low self-esteem in the past. That is why many people will stop at nothing to regain their confidence through weight loss. In the past, you have probably heard of weird ways of shedding off unnecessary fats. It doesn’t have to be that painful and weird, and at Ladans Fitness and Healing Club, we know that better. Here, we have helped many people lose excessive weight in the simplest of weight. Through right exercise and workable dieting procedures, we have made it happen. Would you like to know how?


Why Losing Weight

People have all sorts of reasons for wanting to lose weight, but most often it is motivated by the inability to do things, as they were able to in the past and the feeling of only weighing more than they should be. Women tend to gain weight during the times of pregnancy, depression or simply because of not working out. And that can be more motivating than the realization that more than half of the clothes in our wardrobe would not fit any longer.

Obesity is one of the most health-threatening factors for the average people in the United States. While the internet contains many articles about healthy lifestyle and nutrition, most of us just don't seem to have the money, the energy or that great push towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle. It's understandable, as we have tons of things to deal with in a day: working, commuting, shopping and cooking, caring for family and we could go on. However, this time around it's time for a healthy change. We would like to show you the right way to switch your lifestyle to a healthier one, and the importance of including weight loss Los Angeles in your regimen.

Don't Get Bored From Weight Loss

Are you getting bored with your weight loss routine? Despite working out on a regular basis, some people have been unable to achieve satisfactory results in their weight loss endeavors. What might be the possible cause? Well, getting so much used to a routine might prevent you from achieving your objective. Looking forward to something new every day gives you enthusiasm. You have something to look forward to, every moment. Being the professionals we are, we have designed various weight loss routines for people with various needs. Just in case you did not have an idea, not all the weight loss routines out there will work for you. Just because it produced satisfactory results with one person doesn’t mean everyone should jump right in.

At Ladans Fitness and Healing Club, we provide you with the perfect routine that will resonate with your needs. In essence, we have something for everyone. Depending on how much you would like to shed off and your muscled endurance capacity, we will suggest something that will definitely work for you. The fact that we have produced satisfactory results with several people in the past is a clear indication that such a fete is not a tall order for us. It is something we have done before; we can do it again.

Losing weight is not about not eating. It's not even about eating less than before. It's a complete change of lifestyle paired up with a good fitness plan, which is in sync with what you can do and what you are willing to do. Some of us hate to run, while we love swimming, there are others who swear on cross-fit when there is those of us who break sweat as soon as they take a look at a bicycle. We would make your daily and weekly plan according to your limits and preferences. This way you won't feel forced to do something you eventually hate doing. This sort of planning also gives less chance of you quitting within a short time.

Weight Loss vs. Avarage

Contrary to all the news and media, there is not enough information on the ideal weight what men and women should have. To make this all more confusing, there are all sorts of different calculations in use ranging from the Robinson formula to the Hamwi formula. The calculations are also different for adults and kids, for men and women. Averagely according to the fundamental calculations the base should be 51,5 kg (1135 lbs.) to which 2 kg should be added per inch for a man over five feet, and it should be averagely 1,8 kg for women over five feet.

We should also emphasize the fact that weight calculation does not equal body fat calculations. We would also like to call your attention not to fall for the supermodel weight. Every model is underweight, and their look should never be meant as a target to reach. At Ladans Fitness and Healing Club, we aim at getting such facts straight.

Ladan's Weight Loss Program

Losing excess weight is a great thing. Everyone agrees with that. However, shedding excess fat isn’t the only thing you need to regain your confidence and feel perfect in life. It goes beyond physical aspect and personal outlook. No one understands that better than us. That is why at Ladans Fitness and Healing Club, we do something beyond helping you lose weight. The truth is; we are more interested in improving your well-being. Every training session comes with a sense of motivation so, at the end of the exercise, you will come out healthier, both physically and psychologically.

We will examine you and will have a short talk with you on your current lifestyle, on what you want to achieve and every possible medical issue you have or might have due to the lack of movement or/and of being overweight. Then we will go ahead and prepare a customized fitness plan for you. If you want a real motivation especially, in the beginning, we have several skilled and certified personal trainers, for exactly this reason.

Do you want to achieve specific weight loss goals within a limited time? It might have proven itself a daunting task in the past. At Ladans Fitness and Healing Club, we make it easier. Using our proven methods, we can help you lose weight, tone your body, and improve your general well-being. The favorable reviews by people we have worked with before says it all. Most importantly, we help you achieve a healthier weight without sacrificing the things you love most. It all starts with a simple call. Get in touch with us today for more information!