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If you are familiar with old Asian sports and healing methods or if you have watched documentaries about China then you should be familiar with Tai Chi which is also known as Tai Chi Chuan, an ancient way of doing gymnastics which is good for the body and the soul at the same time. The methodology of these exercises is like a delightful cross between yoga and kung fu, and it looks like someone doing kung fu movements in slow motion. You can learn more about the moves at Ladans Fitness and Healing Club. However, this article focuses on the various benefits of learning and exercising Tai Chi Los Angeles, so keep on reading if you would like to learn more.

Tai Chi moves are perfect, and the right style provided by our experienced experts incorporates the theories and principles of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is an excellent practice, but individuals need to spend a considerable amount of time mastering it. To learn the basics, you need one weekly session for at least 16 weeks. Ladans offers an ultra-modern state of the art studio/dojo to give you a focused and upbeat experience all through your training. We assert that the body is meant to move with purpose. Training with us will help you achieve the right balance of training and motivation. We offer well-differentiated classes for children and adults all having beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Tai Chi Classes

The much most people know about Tai Chi is what is included in the Chinese movies. They have no idea that there is so much to it than the martial art. And if you are one of them, or would just like to learn more about Tai Chi Los Angeles, then this article is right for you. With its origin in China, Tai Chi is described as meditation in motion, but others consider it a medication in motion. The practice has multiple health benefits and can help you to get in shape. At Ladans Fitness and Healing Club, we have mastered the exercise with the aim of maintaining flexibility, strength, and balance.

Many of us just don't want to sit in one place and try to meditate for hours. The art of meditation is something that requires plenty of time and dedication to learn and even so, it may take years for someone to master it. But if you are the active type of person who doesn't have hours of free time, yet would like to enjoy the benefits of meditation doing Tai Chi is the perfect method. This sport is a movement based meditation which has its mysterious ways to make you meditate and become almost indiscernible stronger and fitter while heartbeat remains the same. You almost won't realize you become tired because during moving you concentrate on the movements and the teacher showing these. This is another form of meditation which Chinese monks also often exercise in the Buddhist monasteries throughout the country. The best approach to Tai Chi Los Angeles is to view it as a continuous movement based exercise. It is not all that different from a regular school exercise you used to do, but unlike that one, it lacks the dynamism and the tiring effects, and it concentrates on the longer haul muscle building effects. Tai Chi is very easy to learn because its best taught in groups. All you need to do is to follow the slow movements of the teacher, who is showing the groups what exercise is coming. There are different forms of actions which fluidly connect to each other, making them look like one long exercise. One Tai Chi lesson can range from 5 minutes to half an hour (for those having more time and being on a more advanced level).

Tai Chi Training With Ladan

We have a team of experienced instructors who have the requisite knowledge on tai chi. Our teachers are well trained to meet the particular needs of every customer. We aim to deliver a custom experience for each client. We understand everyone has a different physical ability and hence our staff is always there to give the much-needed support you need.

Here at Laden fitness and Healing Club, we believe in being dynamic. It is at the core of our business model and hence our use of science-based Tai Chi helps us achieve that. Our instructors lead the sets with enough coaching and verbal cues so that everyone can take part. We offer non-competitive, and Non-martial Tai Chi training focused on internal alchemy.

To get the most out of it, find a class like the Ladans Fitness and Healing Club. You will learn best when you see a teacher in action, work as a group and get feedback from the masters of the exercise. We aim at engaging with those taking tai chi classes to ensure that they benefit to the maximum. This is more advantageous that using videos and books, don't you think?

How To Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a slow-motion exercise with low-impact where you move continuously without pauses through a series of motions. While moving, you focus your attention on your bodily sensations like it is the case for some kinds of meditation, and breathe deeply and naturally all the time. You can make different this exercise from those in its category since the motions are never forced and are circular and instead of muscles being tensed, they are relaxed. Also, the connective tissues, unlike in other types of movements, are not stretched, and neither are the joints fully extended.

The fact that it originates from China does not necessitate that you go digging through their culture and philosophies to enjoy the benefits that come with Tai Chi. However, you can internalize the concepts that make the exercise worth considering. The first one is qi. This is regarded as an energy naturally flowing in everyone's body. The idea of Tai Chi is to unblock and allow the energy to flow freely. This exercise also aims at striking a balance between two opposing forces in the universe called yin and yang.

According to experts, you will benefit more from tai chi Los Angeles if you take classes way before developing any health complications. The good thing about it is that you do not need any special equipment to get started. Some of the parts we include in the classes include the following:

Tai Chi Warm-up

As the name suggests, it is the warming up before the actual stuff. It involves natural motions of the shoulders and the neck. The aim is to reduce tension in the muscles and joints to be ready for the slow movements of tai chi. Some motions are turning the head from one side to another and doing shoulder circles.

Tai Chi forms

'Form' is a term used to describe the set of movements that you will do in the tai chi class. They can be short forms or long forms. The former had fewer moves compared to the latter. For beginners or the old, short forms with smaller and slower movements are encouraged. After mastering a couple of such, they can proceed to the long forms.

Tai Chi With Qigong

Also called chi kung, qigong means breath or energy work. This part of tai chi Los Angeles involves gently breathing for a few minutes and sometimes in a combination of movements. This is done to help you relax and mobilize the energy naturally occurring in the body.

Tips For Tai Chi

So after you decide to enroll for tai chi, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. You might already have heard so many myths about the exercise, but not all of them are worth bearing in mind.

In Tai Chi Never Mind The Language

Whether you need to understand the language before engaging in tai chi is entirely up to you. The fact is that you don't need it. You will find some Chinese names used to describe some movements just to give tribute to the people who were involved in coming up with the forms. Some forms were mainly invented for martial art and less consideration given to meditation and health benefits, while others will require that you focus on your breathing and take slow steps. As such, the name is not a big deal provided you get what is being achieved.

Get Advice From Your Doctor Before Tai Chi

You will want to check with your doctor if you are under an active medication regimen. Also, you have a history of severe medical conditions; it will be good to check with your doctor first. You should be comfortable with the circular motions. However, since tai chi Los Angeles has a clean record, there is a high chance that you will be given a go ahead.

Dressing For A Tai Chi Class

You need a loose-fitting outfit that will not affect your movements when doing the forms. On your feet, you need flexible shoes with as little weight as possible. While you can go for tai chi shoes, doing it barefoot can also work. The idea is that you won't slip not lack enough support for balance.

Track Your Tai Chi Progress

After enrolling for tai chi for at least 12 weeks, according to experts, you need to gauge your progress. During this period, you should be getting instructions from a teacher either once or twice a week or doing it at home. You should have noticed some changes both physical and psychological by the end of this period.

Gain From Tai Chi

The steady and slow movements of tai chi Los Angeles have positive gains on the fundamental components of fitness. Maybe that is why it is so rampant in the Chinese movies. The benefits of this exercise can be felt seen in the increased muscle strength, enhanced flexibility, better balance, and in other instances better aerobic conditioning. That together with a peace of mind during meditation should be reasons enough why you should get in touch with us soonest possible.


1 on 1 (1 Session) $150
Semi Private (1 Session) $180
Groups (5 Days/W) $176

What Is Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan, or simply, Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of exercise. It was created as a form of martial arts. Tai Chi has become a kind of therapeutic exercise practiced by millions world over. Here at Ladans fitness and Healing club, we believe in tranquility and inner power, learning Tai Chi we believe is the best way to attain this. Tai chi training is centered at getting to ones CHI hence it is a gentle form of exercise involving motions of the whole body and breathing exercises. Despite Tai Chi's rather violent history, it is a great form of exercise with many health benefits. Our teachers adopt science-based Tai Chi which utilizes breathing, visualizations, and movements to condition the whole body and spirit.


Benefits Of Tai Chi Practice

Tai Chi has been the form of exercise to millions of people for many reasons namely:

Tai Chi Is Straightforward And Gentle

Unlike other conventional forms of exercise, Tai Chi training is easy to learn, and its fruits can be seen very quickly. Its styles are basic and do not involve complicated maneuvers. It does not include rigorous activities but gentle and soulful activities. People of all ages can pursue Tai Chi because of being non-fatiguing.do is to follow the slow movements of the teacher, who is showing the groups what exercise is coming. There are different forms of actions which fluidly connect to each other, making them look like one long exercise. One Tai Chi lesson can range from 5 minutes to half an hour (for those having more time and being on a more advanced level).

Tai Chi Can Improve Muscle Strength

Tai Chi is known to improve muscular strength and flexibility. Muscular power is vital for supporting the joints. It is also essential in performing work and increasing productivity. Tai chi helps one to tap into their inner strength "chi." This leads to motivation to work hard and hence improved muscle strength. Its motions also contribute to locating the body's center improving balance.

Tai Chi Improves Flexibility

By the constant and full body motions of tai chi, one will be able to gain enhanced flexibility agility and balance.

Tai Chi Can Be Used As A Self defense

Traditionally tai chi was practiced as a form of martial arts. If these traditional tai chi training principles are followed it is a deadly form of martial arts that combines both body and soul. This is not only due to the increased awareness and tranquility, but it also improves reflexes. Its breathing exercises help focus on attaining energy and stamina.

Tai Chi Can Improve Psychological Health

Tai Chi's focus on breathing, self-awareness, and balance are therapeutic. It helps improve mental health and decrease stress. It also helps improve mind and body connection and hence a feeling of peace your body with lower levels of depression and anxiety.

Tai Chi For Socialization

Traditionally Tai Chi was practiced outside in a group of peers. This was to create uniformity in pace and the steps. Nowadays it is also a social event as it is done in a studio/dojo led by an instructor. This means that while practicing it, one can meet different people and gain a connection to not only the body but also other people.

Tai Chi As A Meditation

Tai chi training is dubbed meditation in motion. As you through this series of slow, non-strenuous movements that make tai chi you're able to train your breath and involve your mind in a calm and reserved thinking. This helps focus your mind on a particular idea and help you get the gist of it.

Anyone Can Exercise Tai Chi

It is no wonder that several groups of older adults in China go to parks and enjoy doing Tai Chi lessons daily. It's one of the best forms for staying active, fit and toned in any age. It's a perfect way of exercising for those who have any issues with their muscles, joints and that's also it's often applied as a therapeutic way of exercising.
Get out of the gym!

One of the main benefits of Tai Chi is that it puts particular importance on exercising out in nature. Parks, beaches, fields are all perfect for doing Tai Chi Los Angeles. It's all about connecting with the nature of your environment and get the positive vibes from there.

Tai Chi at Ladans fitness and Healing club is an out of this world experience. We will help you meet the much-needed relaxation in a tranquil environment. We commit to delivering the highest quality service in a fun and well-equipped facility.

We understand that our clientele leads busy lives. We will provide you a plan to fit your active lifestyle, so you never have to miss a session. Our guiding principle is personal development, and in tandem, with this, we offer packages as best suits your schedule.

Our training facility is of an excellent standard. It is your time to feel good about your body, and a good service is a step towards that direction. Ladans Fitness and Healing Club has the focus of being a non-intimidating environment for all your exercise needs. We make your experience worth every dime you spend with us. Our facilities are clean, and the highest standards of hygiene focused on your healing and restoration.

What You Get From Tai Chi

Laden fitness and Healing Club our commitment is to be the ultimate go-to place for Your Tai Chi. We want always to improve and deliver the most tranquil environment for your Tai Chi. It is our job to make you feel special, and we will stop at nothing but to make you feel that. Join us and experience Tai Chi training like you have never before.

According to the Tai Chi experts exercising Tai Chi only 5 minutes a day will result in the following:
You will sleep way better: say goodbye to medications, here is a natural cure for your insomnia.
You will lose weight, especially around the waist area (one of the hardest areas to lose weight naturally for women): which sounds way too good to miss out on it.
A better immune system: you will not fall sick as much even during flu season.
Improved resistance to stress: did you know that most of the modern diseases are the result of stress? Indeed, that's why it's high time to start tai chi training A better density of bones: this is worth gold, especially when we are over a certain age and our bones are in need of everything that can naturally strengthen them. You won't feel as much pain in sensitive areas than you used to and this is also true for old rheumatic issues and other instances of chronic pain: if this is true, then Tai Chi Los Angeles is revolutionary. We believe 5 minute of exercise is still too cheap a price to pay for such great benefits. Prevents heart disease: as it helps reduce stress, it's also useful against heart disease which is mainly caused by stress. Dissolves Anxiety: Depression, anxiety are all illnesses which do not yet have their 100% effective medical cure. That's also why it's essential to look for the alternative, holistic methods because both of these can seriously harm the quality of your life.
You will feel an overall improvement in your well-being: which is just fantastic
It fights depression with quite a good result: according to various medical studies, exercising tai chi somehow thickens the brain's cortex. This is helpful in providing a natural relief from chronic depression and other neurotic diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia (which doctors say are all the result of the thinning of the brain's cortex). Helps you improve your balancing skills: Tai chi is all about balance; therefore, it will give you a great chance to exercise and learn more about how to properly balance your body.
It will make you much more flexible: which is another extra from this wonderful method.
It will make you overall stronger and fitter as a final verdict As you can see you can have so many reasons why you should start exercising tai chi which. Besides, it can also give you a great chance to be part of a happy group and practice Tai Chi together. Join Tai Chi Los Angeles at Ladans Fitness and Healing Club and enjoy the beneficial effects of these ancient way of exercising out in nature.