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Pain Management With Ladan

Here at Ladans Fitness and Healing club, we believe that once hospitals treat the underlying pathology of a disease, it is our duty to help you manage your pain and contribute to improving your quality of life. We provide qualified practitioners come in to help with this. Our professionals will not only help you recuperate but also help you move on with life activities.


About Pain Management

We employ a myriad of approaches to help in pain management.

    These include:
  • Physical approaches
  • Psychological and medical approaches to pain management
Here at Ladans Fitness and Healing club, we understand that pain stems from many causes. This is why we offer as many methods to help to manage it. It is our understanding that each type of pain has a particular way that will contribute to addressing it. For starters, we have to understand the nature, intensity and the effect the pain has had on your lifestyle before choosing a management method. The different methods come with their advantages, drawbacks, and redundancies hence each type of pain will get an equally appropriate method to manage it.

Pain management, also known as pain Algiatry, is a discipline of medicine that employs conventional and non-conventional methods to reduce suffering and improve the quality of life for people living with chronic and acute pain conditions. Pain may be from disease, lifestyle condition, and hereditary complications. Modern and traditional methods are employed to help in pain reduction. The motivation of contemporary medicine is to manage pain by curing the underlying medical condition. Traditional approaches, however, are focused towards addressing internal energy of an individual to accelerate the healing process. Be it traditional or contemporary pain has to be managed by skilled professionals otherwise, it might prove to be detrimental in the long run. Modern medicine might use drugs such as analgesic to aid in the recovery.

Active And Focused Pain Management

At Ladans fitness and Healing club, we will work tirelessly with great dedication to alleviate your pain and help you lead a comfortable life. Individually to manage pain one should strive to stay active, know your threshold, engage in active leisure and have hope. Focus on relaxation, modification of your thoughts and self-regulation. The best treatment always happens internally.


1 on 1 (1 Session) $150
Semi Private (1 Session) $180
Groups (5 Days/W) $176

Experts In Pain Management

Our open policy of communication with our team of experts is the first step towards healing. You have to understand the nature of your pain and describe it to us for a proper prognosis. Pain management is an intense process that involves endurance and commitment to continue with treatment even when it hurts the most. You will get full support all through your healing process with follow-ups, encouragement and appropriate education. Before embarking on any form of pain management regime, you need to analyze your thresholds and resolve towards wanting to deal with it. Some of the top physical pain management techniques involve;

Pain Management Using TENS

This method comes from the belief that sensory channels of the nervous system are faster that pain channels. A stimulation of this sensory channels will create impulses that will mask pain signal from being processed by the brain. TENS serves to explain why rubbing a sore thumb reduces the pain significantly. This method is effective in treating uncomplicated physical traumas.

Pain Management With Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique that has been used as a modality to treat acute and chronic pain. There are five major techniques of this practice. The working principle acupuncture is inserting needles into the superficial and subcutaneous muscles and tissues and manipulating it to ease the pain. There are over 1500 acupuncture points spread out all over the body making this method ideal for relieving pain on almost the whole body. Acupuncture can be used to manage pain from osteoarthritis and chronic neck pain.

Cupping And Scraping Pain Management Technique

This is also an ancient Chinese method of pain management. It is a therapeutic method called Gua Sha. Small plastic cups are vacuumed with a spirit flame and put on the skin. It works to reduce muscle tension to relieve pain in the area it is applied. This method is known to reduce inflammation caused by injury and hepatitis B. It also helps reduce lower back pain and chronic neck pain.

Cold Laser / Light Pain Management Therapy

Cold laser therapy makes use of specific wavelengths of light to interact with the skin and help in healing. Hand-held laser devices are utilized for this method of pain management. These devices with lasers with high penetrating power are pointed at the affected areas. The cells of the affected area absorb energy from the laser and quicken the healing process. It serves to reduce inflammation and thus reduce pain.

Our experts are cognitive of the fact that pain does not have to be physical. It is this realization that we offer holistic methods of pain management. We are aware of the existing relationship between physical trauma and emotions. Our methods for psychological pain management include;

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) For Pain Management

This method helps reduce the psychological effects associated with chronic and acute pain. We provide a technique for diversion routine and relaxation to change the psychological viewpoint of pain. Mind power bears a huge impact on the healing process, and we will help you mitigate that. This treatment tries to reduce this so that healing is fast-tracked.

Pain Management With Mindfulness

Deliberately paying attention to everything with all senses to feel the moment. We help you feel every moment and let everything happen without distraction. We understand that acceptance is the first step towards healing and modifying these negative thoughts is the first step in that direction.

Pain Management Using Hypnosis

Hypnosis is one of the greatest interventions to help with pain management. It pursues many angles to manage pain. Hypnotic Analgesia dwells on an altered sense of consciousness to treat acute and chronic pain. It is of particular importance as it has no side effects and lets you be in control of the pain. Hypnotic pain management works by diverting pain to another part of the body, changing your bodies definition of pain and reduce pain with a much more pleasant feeling.

Pain Management Using Biofeedback Technique

Biofeedback technology uses electronic equipment to help gain an understanding of body processes. It involves performing relaxing activities such as Tai Chi to get power over the autonomous nervous system. This technique is useful in treating chronic migraines and helps with stroke victims.