Looking for a Personal trainer in Los Angeles?

Looking for a Personal trainer in Los Angeles?

personal trainer

personal trainer

Keeping healthy and fit ranks highly on many people’s scale of happiness and well-being. Unfortunately, after making the decision to start exercising and registering for a gym membership, very little progress is made in the first few weeks without a personal trainer Los Angeles.

Few people know what they’re doing, and majority focus on the wrong things is, e.g., focusing exclusively on cardio for weight loss and ignoring lifting weights.

New exercisers also get bogged down by the same mundane routine and a lack of motivation and accountability in the absence of a training partner.

Ladan’s fitness and healing club understands the challenges faced by new gym members and has a team of licensed personal trainers to guide you from the start. New and seasoned exercisers might need a personal trainer for the following reasons;

When starting out

It is important to have somebody to guide you during the initial weeks of exercising since it is a complex activity. A personal trainer knows what exercises to start you off with and will help you create a schedule that incorporates the three components of a complete exercise regimen; weights, cardio, and stretching. Preparing the schedule will require you to sit down with the trainer and discuss which days you’ll train together and what exercises to do while alone.

Within the training schedule, the personal trainer will have prepared workouts using the F.I.T.T (frequency, intensity, time, type of workout) rule depending on your goals, your body and the time you have.

Additionally, the personal trainer Los Angeles will guide you on the specifics e.g., choosing weight-lifting exercises and adjusting the intensity and reps for every exercise, monitoring your cardio workout using activity trackers or heart rate monitors and maximizing your time on every workout.

You’re in need of a challenge

 A common phenomenon in exercising is hitting a plateau where you’ve been working out consistently for weeks, but no results are forthcoming. At Ladan’s fitness and healing club, a substantial fraction of new members come seeking a trainer after having hit a plateau, and the results are massively different. The trainer will review your current training program and slightly alter the workouts or discuss your goals with you to see if they are achievable. Most of the time, the training program is fine, and the issue is slacking off, or not pushing oneself to the limit.

Having a personal trainer helps in reinforcing accountability by checking in on you periodically and will also ensure you push harder in training. Training for challenging activities like the Iron Man Challenge, marathons and triathlons will require having a personal trainer in Los Angeles.

You want to fly solo

Seasoned exercisers also need a personal trainer when they want to learn how to work out on their own. Any licensed trainer has knowledge of how muscles work and can furnish you with this information if you want to work out solo or at home.

Other valuable information can be supplied by the trainer as well such as a good form to maximize workouts and avoid injury, the proper way to lift weights and how to use different machines without injuring yourself.