Having a Personal Trainer Can Help Boost Your Weight Loss

Having a Personal Trainer Can Help Boost Your Weight Loss

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TKP Ar 170715 311

The obesity crisis and the failing health care system have helped in boosting the growth of fitness. Currently, the Los Angeles fitness industry stands out as a beacon hope in counteracting this crisis.

Normally, when a business is booming, there are always opportunists that take advantage of innocent people. Similarly, the fitness business is currently full of thousands of eager opportunists whose motives is to seize the opportunity and make quick money.

This is why it is prudent to beware of such fraudsters while choosing the best personal trainer in Los Angeles. Here are some of the qualities you should for a while hiring a personal trainer.

Physically, they should reflect your ideal future self

Optimally, a personal trainer is a physically fit person. Although a great player does not necessarily equal to a perfect coach, being a fit trainer determines the efficacy. While choosing the best personal trainer Los Angeles, ensure that the person is passionate, determined and dedicated to fitness.

This shows that he or she is walking the talk or whatever advice he or she is giving you. In as much as it is possible to be an effective trainer without having to be fit, personally, I would not hire one as I need someone to look up to while exercising.

Also, ensure that your trainer possesses a passion for working out as well as a passion for coaching people; otherwise you would not benefit much from a fitness trainer with no desire to coach other people.


You should be trained by a qualified trainer, and that means she should be a certified one. Certification is one of the simplest ways to select the best personal trainer Los Angeles to deal with.

Ensure that the document they present is valid and should be from American Council Exercise or any other relevant authority. For such bodies to certify an individual, they make sure that the trainer is qualified, experienced and meet other requirements for certification.

Ladans Fitness and Healing Club have certified trainers that are continuously scrutinized to make sure they have the required certification.


Even if a great education does not equate to a good doctor, it is a sign of assurance if you visit a doctor and see a degree from Harvard Medical School hanging on the wall.

While vetting your trainers, take time to look and see what they learned and from which institution was the knowledge acquired. The best personal trainers Los Angeles are those that continually learn, adapt and change depending on the environment.

Empathy and Compassion

A good personal trainer is one empathizes with his or her clients rather than looking down on overweight people assuming that they are responsible for the condition.

Empathy is a significant tool that connects trainer and client. Basically, empathizing with someone means you understand the struggle your clients are in. Empathy is a gateway to an important quality of the best personal trainer Los Angeles: compassion. Ensure you hire a trainer who can relate to your struggle.

In Ladans Fitness and Healing Club, we care about our clients and help them achieve fitness in the best way possible.