The Best Personal Trainers Help You Transform Your Body

The Best Personal Trainers Help You Transform Your Body

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Many people prefer using a personal trainer for their fitness needs. It is an option that comes with many benefits, especially when you have specific needs like cutting weight or gaining muscle mass.

What’s more, they give you specialized assistance, since they take time to know your abilities and can push you to reasonable limits.

It is important to make sure that you hire the best personal trainer Los Angeles by looking for the qualities that make them tick for the job. The following are some of the things you want your trainer to have.


Yes, personal trainers need to have certification before you allow them to be your instructor. It is one of the simplest ways of knowing that you are dealing with one of the best.

Be sure to confirm that the document is valid, and should be from the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), American Council on Exercise (ACE), or the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

The good thing about these bodies is that they are serious about the qualification, experience and other requirements for certification. Our trainers at Ladans Fitness and Healing Club undergo scrutiny to ensure that they have the required certification.


The fact that you will be spending a lot of time with your trainer can eliminate the element of professionalism, but a good personal trainer Los Angeles will know where the line is drawn.

They should be professional from the way they direct instruct you to the way they dress. You want a trainer who will always keep time and is neatly dressed, and with a friendly demeanor.

If he or she is chronically late and yells at you when you don’t get to the required number of reps; that is the call to get yourself another trainer.


You don’t want to be your trainer’s first client after training. Experience is key for a personal trainer, and they should be able to prove it.

You want to be sure that they have helped others to achieve the same exercise-related goal that you have, and that they have a good reputation.

If possible ask to be connected with their past clients and get it from them about how the trainer works. Take note of the likes and the dislikes, and if anything seems fishy, you better get another one.


It is true that most exercises are hard, and if you don’t get the right trainer, you may end up skipping a few. That makes it important to ensure that your personal trainer Los Angeles is a great motivator and will encourage you to make the required number of reps without yelling at you.

You will know this when you are interviewing them for the job. What’s more, they should be able to walk the talk. They cannot instruct on something that they cannot handle themselves.


Another quality to look for in a personal trainer is patience. Many exercises can be overly challenging for you if it is your first time to do them.

A good trainer will be patient with you, showing you how to do it the right way, and if they see that it is almost an impossibility, they will find an alternative exercise that you will be comfortable with.

You will realize this at Ladans Fitness and Healing Club.