Advantages Of a Morning Exercise

Advantages Of a Morning Exercise

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

There is no specific time that is considered as the ideal work out time but working out during certain times might be more beneficial to your body as compared to other times. Working out in the morning before you start your day has proven to be much more advantageous to your body as compared to working out at the end of the day. There are several advantages of morning exercise that might just make you decide to become a morning person after all.

Fewer calories are consumed

Many individuals tend to think that once you burn a few calories in the morning you are likely to consume more during the course of the day to compensate for the ones that you’re burned. However, some researchers have conducted a survey that showed once an individual exercise in the morning they tend to be less appealed by food hence they consume fewer calories. The conducted research featured women and their brain activity. When the women who exercised in the morning perused through images of flowers and food they did not get very fired up as opposed to the women who did not exercise in the morning. The women in the study who worked out during the other times of the day rather than in the morning consumed larger amounts of food as compared to the women who exercised in the morning.

More productivity throughout the day

When an individual works out the first thing in the morning they will have the energy and motivation to drive them throughout the entire day. There have been studies conducted which have proved that the most active individuals are usually those that work out in the morning.

More fat will be burned

For individuals who exercise in the morning, the toughest task is deciding if you should exercise then take breakfast or the vice versa. This issue has been the source of endless controversy among the fitness and health gurus for as long as we can remember. Having breakfast before your morning workout will give you the energy needed to work out as well as prolong the duration of time you will last during the workout session. However, a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition showed that one of the advantages of morning exercise is that about twenty percent more fat is burned when an individual exercise on an empty stomach.

The blood pressure is lowered

Exercising in the morning has the capability to lower your blood pressure by up to ten percent. A study conducted in the Appalachian State University featuring various individuals on the treadmills at different times of the day showed that the individuals who exercised before noon significantly dropped their blood pressure levels as opposed to the other times of the day. Since a majority of heart attacks are experienced during the wee hours of the day morning exercises might be an ideal precautionary activity.

Better sleep is experienced at night

After a morning workout session, the individuals’ will experience a good night’s sleep. Evening workouts might prevent an individual from enjoying their sleep as the body will be stimulated and the temperatures elevated which make sleeping much difficult.