4 major Pilates exercises

4 major Pilates exercises

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Pilates is a convenient type of training exercise that is great for increasing bodily flexibility. Started in the early 20th century, Pilates has been widely used in fitness training to help in achieving fitness goals for different individuals.

At Ladan’s Healing and Fitness club, we normally recommend Pilates 90064 for people who want to improve their body posture, balance, and strength. With Pilates training, you can apply both home exercises and exercises that have to be done at the fitness center since they require gym equipment. Below are some Pilates exercises that are commonly applied in fitness training.

Pilates curl

The pilates curl is done when you are lying on the floor. We recommend using a fitness mat to reduce the pressure on the back as you train. This exercise can be done at home since it does not require any special equipment. You should lie on your back facing upward with the knees bent. Slowly exhale as you curl your chin toward your chest. As you do this, you should make sure your shoulders come off the ground. You should lift from the breastbone in order to reduce strain on the neck.

The hundred

In this exercise, you should also use a training mat to ease the pressure. Lie on your back and lift both your feet and upper body. Your legs should be raised at a 45-degree angle with your toes apart and feet together. Stretch your hands on both sides with the palms facing down. Raise your arms up and down as you breathe through the nose for five counts. Do this for at least 10 sets. This exercise helps reduce your tummy and make you more flexible and agile.

Roll up

This exercise is meant to flex your back and surrounding muscles. It helps in reducing the tension in the back muscles making you feel lighter and more flexible. As you attempt Pilates 90064, you should make sure that you know the best way of doing the exercises in order to ensure that the exercises are well done. In this exercise, you should lie on your back with your hands extended upwards. Exhale as you move your upper body into a sitting position with your hands stretched forward. This exercise should be done smoothly, in addition, to slow to prevent any pressure from disturbing your backbone and muscles.

Rolling like a ball

This exercise is a little more active than other exercises. In this Pilates 90064 exercise, you should first sit on the training mat with your knees against your chest. Hold your feet with your arms to imitate a ground ball. Roll backward on your back until the toes are off the ground by around two feet. Roll forward and backward as you maintain a straight movement and flexible stance. You should use your stomach muscles as you roll upward in order to engage them perfectly. If necessary, you can inquire about the best way of performing this routine for the best result.